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11/30/15 Filling Up On Gas

Starting 12/02/15 Barbell club will meet Wednesday's and Friday's at 7:30pm. To sign up or for more info contact jonas@crossfitnmb.com

Starting 12/02/15 Barbell club will meet Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 7:30pm. To sign up or for more info on dates and pricing contact jonas@crossfitnmb.com


Everyday I spend at the gym, is another day I get asked what someone should eat in order to see results. Now, I am no nutritionist, I only took one nutrition course in college. That being said, I know what is good to eat and whats not good to eat. I know that if you eat less than you work off, then your body has some excess energy and no where to put it but down in the basement for storage, and no one wants a cluttered basement. I also know that if you burn off more than you eat, than your body is going to have to empty some of that basement clutter, and sell it on Craig’s list to come up with the money it needs. When it comes to nutrition, we can either make it very complicated, turning our meals into the enormous mathematical homework equations that were the death of me, or we can think of our kitchen as a gas station.

For the sake of this article I am going to pretend we all have Ferraris, some of you might even have a Ferrari. Now, if we want our Ferrari to perform correctly, we better be pressing that premium button on the far right, and paying the extra dollar for gas. The reason being, by using premium gas, our Ferraris will be able to perform to the best of their ability. They may still be able to perform on a less expensive, lower quality of fuel, but the performance will be hindered. The higher quality the fuel, the higher quality the performance.

Our bodies are our Ferrari’s, and if we want them to perform then we better be willing to supply them with the highest quality, nutrient dense foods. Eating correctly can be turned into rocket science, but at its core its a simple choice between the healthy and unhealthy choice. We are all familiar with this moral dilemma, and I am here to tell you if you find yourself having to justify a food to yourself, its the wrong choice. Make the right choices my friends and family, its the first step towards the results you are looking for!

11/30/15 wod

1)Front squat w/pause

work up to heavy set of 3

2)3 rounds for time:

50 double unders

15 hang squat cleans @95#/65#

12 push press @95#/65#


Comments: Best comedy movie? Will take a top 3


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11/27/15 Leave Your Ego at The Door

I am sure that those reading this are doing so with eyes half shut, weighed down with the pounds and pounds of delicious turkey and stuffing now waiting to burst forth from your stomach.  Before those eyes close, try and keep them attentive for a couple more minutes, I have some end of thanksgiving thoughts to share.

When we all started CrossFit, we were told to leave our ego at the door.  Now, this may seem like an easy enough concept to understand and execute, but my experience says otherwise.  Most people out there have a certain measure of pride, and sometimes this pride can come between us and our success in and out of the gym.  Trust me, there are plenty of times where my ego and pride become a little sensitive as well.  The hard truth is, that in a life filled with physical and mental challenges, if you are living it correctly, you will be faced with daily obstacles that, life Gandolf, just won’t let you pass.  When faced with these obstacles, we must all learn to swallow our pride and do what needs to be done in order to surpass what we once could not.  If you let your ego and pride consume you, then you will not grow.  We are all familiar with these people.  They are the people who won’t stop telling you stories of how good they used to be, the people who would prefer to talk about how dumb an exercise is, when they can’t do it, rather than just buckling down and trying to get better.  I catch myself doing it all the time, the trick is to force yourself to take a moment, reset your thought process and move forward.  CrossFit is about having fun, developing yourself mentally and physically, and teaching you how to keep going in life when every fiber of your being says you can’t.  Don’t let your ego prevent you from becoming a better version of yourself.

Have a great Thanksgiving Night CFNMB Family, I hope to see you all at tomorrow’s 9:30 Workout!

“7 Percent Off!”
7 minute AMRAP
7 Burpees
7 Air Squats
7 Push-ups
7 Lunges
7 Explosions
7 Ring Dips
1 Mile Run Buy Out

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11/26/15 Turkey Day WOD!!!


Hello friends and family, and Happy Thanksgiving!  I do not have much planned more a motivation speech or pep talk before the Thanksgiving WOD tomorrow, but I highly suggest everyone takes the hour out of their day to come down to CFNMB and give it a go.  These WODs are suppose to be fun, challenge, and different, as well as a bonding experience for all of the members at the gym.  Besides, we all know that we are going to want to be burning some calories before we embark on the annual quest that is thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving WOD!

45 minute AMRAP of: come and find out!


****11/26/15  & 11/27/15****

9:30 am CrossFit classes only

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